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Religious Education

Growing in our faith is not just for children...

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Family Night is a chance for us to grow as a parish by doing faith activities together. On the first Monday of each month a meal will be prepared and then we will begin our activity. Join us on the 1st Wednesday of each month starting at 6:00 pm. 


6:00 pm - Meal

6:30 pm - Faith Activity

7:30 pm - Conclude

All are welcome to Family Night!

St. Bartholomew offers a wide range of studies and programs for adults to grow in their faith. Below are some examples.

Catholicism 101 flier WSS 2023.jpg

Formed is a free program with many videos, books, audio books, programs, and series to help you grow in your faith. Click the button above to go directly to their site. If you would like to subscribe to this free service. Contact the parish office.

Programs for Adults

Faith in 47 logo.jpg

Come one, come all to explore topics related to faith! Do you struggle with the concept of faith or ideas of faith, join us! Do you believe and want to grow, join us! Every 4th Tuesday of the month, schedule below, at Bar 47. We begin with causal conversation at 5:30 pm and then begin the topic around 6:00 pm. 

Stay tuned for a new series starting in September.

church history logo.jpg

Venture through 2000 years of Church history one century at a time. The sessions are on Tuesday from 12:30-2. Recordings of each session and the accompanying notes are available below as they are finished. To join the livestreamed version on Sundays from 5-6:30, send an email to

Lecture 1: Pre-history

Lecture 1- pre-history

Lecture 2: 1st Century

Lecgture 2 - 1st century

Lecture 3: 2nd Century

Lecture 4: 3rd Century

Lecture 5: 4th Century

Lecture 6: 5st Century

Lecture 7: 6th Century

Lecture 8: 7th Century

Lecture 9: 8th Century

Lecture 10: 9th Century

Lecture 11: 10th Century

Lecture 12: 11th Century

Lecture 13: 12th Century

Lecture 14: 13th Century

Lecture 15: 14th Century

Lecture 16: 15th Century

Lecture 17: 16th Century

Lecture 18: 17th Century

Lecture 19: 18th Century

Lecture 20: 19th Century

Lecture 21: 20th Century

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